Company History

Company History

Our company history is as deep as the founder, Gene Miller. Gene was one of the few experts that participated in the development of testing protocols for the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970. Her vision, guidance and customer service will always be a part of our corporate culture.

With more than 46 years of experience we have played an integral role in the evolution of child-resistant package testing since the creation of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970. Over the past four decades we have been hired to work with and consult on many of the top OTC and Pharmaceutical package brands you see on the shelf or behind the pharmacy counter today.

Gene's nephew, David S. Hipple, has been leading our team for the last 26 years. David has been involved with thousands of package designs and tests. His professionalism, expertise, and leadership have positioned Bird Dog Marketing Group, LLC at the forefront of the CR package industry. David is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School’s Advanced Respiratory Care Practitioner Program.

Mark D. Perkins brought his business expertise to BDMG in 2004. Mark worked with consumer products for over 20 years. He has extensive knowledge in OTC drug products and experience with food and pharmacy operations. Mark has a degree in Business Marketing and Management and a Master in Business Administration.

Michael B. Horvath joined BDMG in early 2015 as Director of Sales. Michael brings to the organization in-depth knowledge and professional experience with sales, marketing, customer service, and packaging from the pharmaceutical and consumer products industries. He is dedicated to the growth of Bird Dog Marketing Group, LLC through our core belief in building value-driven, customer-centric focus, and lasting long term relationships with all of our existing and prospective partners.

With the strongest team in the industry, Bird Dog Marketing Group, LLC looks forward to continued success in the future, while playing an important role in the development of Child-Resistant Packaging.

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